требования к оформлению документов

Renewal of the standards for drawing up documents

Renewal of the standards for drawing up documents

LEGAL DIGEST \ 15.06.2018

Starting from 1 July 2018, a new state standard (GOST) is coming into effect. It is recommended to be applied by companies when they draw up documents for the purpose of interacting with state authorities.

GOST R 7.0.97-2016 “The system of standards in information, librarianship and publishing. Organisational and administrative documentation. Requirements for drawing up documents” will replace GOST R 6.30-2003, which is repealed.

The following changes are expected to result from the new standard being introduced:

  • The new GOST is now applicable not only to hard copies, but also to electronic documents.
  • In addition to resolutions, directives, orders, decisions, protocols, certificates and letters (as in the old GOST), the new standard will be applicable to a company’s charters, regulations, rules, instructions, by-laws, contracts and certificates.
  • The types and sizes of fonts that can be used in drafting a document are the following:

Times New Roman, 13,14
Arial 12,13
Verdana 12, 13
Calibri, 14

  • It is now enacted that documents can be drafted on the face and on the reverse side of a page.
  • The requirements for the exact location of the details of documents have been described.
  • Such details as the primary state registration number (abbreviated in Russian to OGRN), a taxpayer’s ID (abbreviated in Russian to INN) and code of reason for tax registration (abbreviated in Russian to KPP), and a company’s code have been excluded. They are only mentioned in the section “Company’s reference details”.
  • There are four new details, including: name of the structural division of the author of the document, position of the author of the document, a restricted access mark, and a mark of electronic signature.
  • The place where the document was drawn up (published) should now be indicated in all documents, except for letters, internal memos and reports (informational and reference materials).
  • The Russian abbreviation “ul.” (denoting ‘Street’) should now always come after the name of a street.
  • It is now enacted that an email address is stated in cases when a letter is sent by fax or by email.
  • If a document is less than 4 or 5 lines long, a heading of the text may be omitted.
  • It is enacted that initials should now also be placed after a surname in the text of a document.
  • The phrase “Yours sincerely/faithfully” has been enacted. It may now be used irrespective of whether the salutation phrase already contains the word “Dear”.
  • A record management stamp may now be placed in several places:
    – on the first page of a document in the upper left corner;
    – on the last page of a document below the text; and
    – on the approval page.
  • In the new GOST the mark of the executor comprises the executor’s surname, name and patronymic, along with his/her telephone number. Further, at the discretion of the company, it may be supplemented with the executor’s position, structural division and email address.

Acsour recommends that you take note of the new rules for documentation and update your internal regulations, if necessary.