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Updating a company’s details in the EGRUL

Updating a company’s details in the EGRUL

LEGAL DIGEST \ 12.01.2018

Tax authorities are now checking more frequently whether a company’s details in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities(referred to in Russian using the abbreviation EGRUL) are accurate.

Tax inspectors check the information entered in the EGRUL with respect to the following:

– The legal address (including office number) via which the company can be contacted;

– The company’s founders;

– The passport details and Taxpayer’s Identification Number of the company’s CEO.

If any inaccurate information is identified, the tax inspectorate will make a note that the information in the EGRUL is not accurate.

A legal entity that receives such a note may face serious repercussions, such as:

– the company’s bank account may be blocked and the company may be unable to open a new bank account with another bank;

– the company may experience difficulties in entering into contracts with counterparties that check its good faith before concluding a contract.

– it will not be possible to register a new legal entity for three years after an entry is made in the EGRUL that the previous company’s details were inaccurate.

– the legal entity may be compulsorily wound up.

– the company may face administrative liability as follows:

  • if inaccurate information is submitted on one occasion, an administrative fine ranging from RUB 5,000 to 10,000 may be imposed;
  • if this happens on several occasions, the company’s officers may be disqualified for 1 year to 3 years.

It is therefore advisable to check whether your company’s details in the EGRUL are accurate. If there is no office number in the address or the CEO’s passport details are incorrectly stated, the corresponding changes need to be made.

 Acsour will be happy to assist you in checking whether your company’s details in the EGRUL are up-to-date and in making any necessary updates to the details.