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Posting company information on income, expenses and taxes paid on the Federal Tax Service website

Posting company information on income, expenses and taxes paid on the Federal Tax Service website

LEGAL DIGEST, NEWS \ 19.11.2021

The Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation on its official website published information of organizations on income, expenses and taxes paid for 2020.

On the specified website, in the “Open Data” section, it is possible to find the following information about legal entities for the previous year:

  • Information about the amounts of income and expenses according to the accounting (financial) statements of the organization.
  • Information about taxes and levies paid by the organization. Such payments include:
  1. amounts of taxes and levies, except for those paid in connection with the import of goods into the customs area of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU);
  2. the amounts of taxes paid by the tax agent;
  3. the amounts of insurance premiums.

To view the information of interest, it is necessary to open the appropriate register and download an archive with a selection of files in xml format. 

The information is updated annually, but not earlier than October 1 of each year. On the basis of such data, organizations will be able to assess the degree of reliability of contractors and whether they have risks of bankruptcy or court disputes in connection with non-fulfilment of contracts.

Please note that starting from December 1 of this year, the Federal Tax Service authorities also plan to post information on the amounts of arrears and indebtedness on penalties and fines on their official website. This register will include organizations that have debts on taxes, levies, contributions, as well as penalties and fines as of December 31, 2020, not repaid by October 1, 2021. Both the total amount of debt and information on each unpaid tax and contribution will be disclosed.

In the matters of inclusion of companies in the relevant registers and verification of the reliability of its contractors, please contact Acsour specialists.