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A new service for the appeals of SMEs

A new service for the appeals of SMEs

LEGAL DIGEST, NEWS \ 30.11.2021

The Federal Corporation for the Development of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses has launched a new service that allows small and medium-sized enterprises to report difficulties encountered in carrying out activities.

“Service 360°” is a functionally extended service “mirror register of inspections”, which allows companies to report violations of their rights during inspections by supervisory authorities, as well as receive feedback and support from the Federal Corporation for the Development of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SME Corporation) and relevant agencies. 

The platform includes eight topic sections, in each of which SMEs can leave an appeal about a specific problem. Such sections are:

  • Control (supervisory) activity (for example, when certain state authority came with an unscheduled audit, and, in your opinion, there are no grounds for this).
  • Purchases. Actions (omission) of the customer (if the organization was included in the Register of unconscientious suppliers for a slight violation in the documents).
  • Microlenders (when the company applied for the service on a day off, but was refused).
  • Regional guarantee organizations (if the organization sent a request to the supervisory authority, but no response was received within 30 days).
  • Support infrastructure.
  • Warranty support.
  • Development institutions.
  • Problems owing to restrictions due to the spread of coronavirus infection (the company can carry out activities during COVID-19, but the supervisory authority cannot).

To use the service, it is necessary to select the appropriate section, enter the company’s taxpayer ID number (Russian acronym – INN), fill in the application form and send it. The deadline for consideration of applications is not more than 15 working days from the moment they are sent to the SME Corporation.

If the appeal moves beyond the sections presented, then it can be left in a separate section.

As the General Director of the SME Corporation notes: “Every incoming appeal will be checked without fail. If necessary, representatives of relevant ministries and departments, control and supervisory authorities and regional authorities will be involved in solving problems”.

The result of the work done will be cancelled inspections, fulfilled obligations of customers and contractors and quality support provided. On issues relating to the application of the platform, please contact Acsour’s specialists.