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Placement of vacancies on the portal “Employment in Russia”

Placement of vacancies on the portal “Employment in Russia”

LEGAL DIGEST, NEWS \ 27.07.2021

Starting from January 1, 2022, employers will be obliged to place information about vacanies on the Unified Digital Platform “Employment in Russia”.

According to the amendments, organizations will need to place information through the personal account of the unified digital platform “Employment in Russia “(the Platform):

– about the needs of employees;

– about the conditions for recruitment of employees;

– about the presence of available jobs and vacancies;

– about the presence of special workplaces equipped for the disabled people.

The established requirements apply to the following categories of legal entities:

  • Organizations with an average number of employees for the previous calendar year of more than 25 people;
  • Newly created and reorganized organizations with the same number of people;
  • Companies in the authorized capital of which there is a participation share of the Russian Federation, of a territorial entity of the Russian Federation or of a municipal entity.

Please note that starting from July 1 of this year, organizations are required to:

  • inform the employment service about the employment of an individual through a personal account on the “Employment in Russia” Platform. The notification should contain the date of the citizen’s employment;
  • return to the employment service the referral issued to an individual if the company is not registered on this Platform.

The term for performing such actions is 5 days.

In case of refusal of employment, employers also need to send a notification through the Platform specifying the following information:

– date of negotiations held with an individual;

– options for suitable work;

– reasons for refusal of employment.

Please be reminded that until July 1, employers had to submit information about vacancies to the employment service in paper form or through the appropriate digital portals. The new law unified this mechanism.

Acsour carefully monitors legislative changes on this issue. If there is any additional news, we will definitely inform you about it.