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The list of industries most affected by coronavirus is expanded

The list of industries most affected by coronavirus is expanded

LEGAL DIGEST, NEWS \ 21.04.2020

The list of industries most affected by coronavirus is expanded

The Government has expanded the list of industries most affected by coronavirus infection. For example, the list has a new section “Retail trade of non-food goods”, which includes the trade of:

  • information technology and communication equipment;
  • automobiles, wheeled transport and motorcycles, component parts, mounts and accessories;
  • goods of total product line:
  • goods of cultural and entertainment appropriation;
  • textile, clothing and footwear.

In addition, the section “Culture, organization of leisure time and entertainment” was supplemented with museums and zoos.

Let us recall that companies from the most affected branches of the Russian economy may count on a number of measures of state support. For example, the Government has already provided deferrals for paying taxes, insurance premiums and submission of reporting for SME, on-site inspections are cancelled and deferral on lease payments for SME is introduced, the tariffs of insurance premiums for SME are reduced, a moratorium on bankruptcy is declared and validity terms of the licenses are extended.

In addition, last week, Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed that non-reciprocal payments to small and medium-sized enterprises from the affected industries will begin in May. The amount of such payment will be calculated taking into account the total number of employees of the organization as of the beginning of April, based on the amount of 12,130 rubles per month for each employee, and companies will be able to use these funds both for solving high-priority tasks and for paying salaries.

Please note that in order to receive each of the above mentioned supporting measures, a number of conditions should be met. To make it easier for companies to navigate this variety of measures, the Federal Tax Service has launched special services for organizations and individual entrepreneurs.

Business supporting measures – here you can find out what specific supporting measures are applied to your company.

Service for tax deferrals / instalments – here you can check whether your organization is included in the list of taxpayers who may obtain a deferral / instalment for tax payments.