Prompt notification

Prompt notification

PUBLICATIONS \ 28.02.2022

Not so long ago, Federal Service of State Registration, Land Register and Mapping (Russian acronym “Rosreestr”) added the possibility to enter the e-mail address of the real estate owner in the Unified State Register of Real Estate (USRRE). It is to this address that all important messages associated with property will be sent. Andrey Chernyak, Acsour’s Legal Assistant, reviewed the new Rosreestr service.

Over the past 10 years, we have begun to take digital services for granted. And we are talking not only about commercial services, but also about state ones. Recently, Rosreestr provides the opportunity to receive messages associated with the owner’s real estate, including about events that occurred without the knowledge or consent of the owner, by e-mail. Therefore, it is important to transfer information about your e-mail to the department. There are several ways to enter data about an e-mail address in the USRRE:

  • when registering real estate, obtaining an extract about it and other similar actions;
  • apply to the Multifunctional Public Services Center (MPSC);
  • send an application by mail (however, the signature in this case should be certified by a notary);
  • fill in the appropriate form in a personal account on the Rosreestr website.



Now let us talk about what letters can be received from Rosreestr if you enter an e-mail address in the USRRE, and what value they represent.

If the owner did not give anyone the right to dispose of the real estate, the department will notify the owner of the receipt of documents for registration of rights. The letter will be sent immediately after the government department receives the relevant information. Thus, the owner of the property can be notified of fraud. If the owner has granted someone the right to dispose of real estate on the basis of a power of attorney, then in this case it would be useful to find out about the actions of the attorney.

If you have co-owners or your e-mail address was specified in relation to real estate that does not belong to you, you will receive notifications about changes in the data of the rights holder, the characteristics of the real estate items belonging to the holder, as well as the receipt of such information by Rosreestr from authorized state authorities or local authorities.

Do not forget that in some cases, the state authorities, on their own initiative, have the right to make changes regarding the characteristics of the real estate item or regarding the rights to it. You can also learn about adjustments and keep them in mind by receiving an e-mail from Rosreestr. In particular, the owner will receive notifications:

  • on the correction of technical or registry errors in the USRRE;
  • on arrest, prohibition to make transactions with real estate;
  • on the inclusion of a land plot within the boundaries of a use-restricted zone;
  • on entering into the USRRE information about the public easement established for the land plot.

Apart from the information about changes associated with real estate, owners can quickly find out about the status of consideration of applications for receiving Rosreestr services, namely:

  • on the results of the state cadastral valuation;
  • on the course of consideration of a request for information;
  • suspension, refusal, termination of accounting and registration actions or return without consideration of documents submitted for accounting and registration actions, etc.

Moreover, if the documents for the provision of state service for cadastral registration or registration of rights to real estate were submitted in electronic form, then Rosreestr will be able to send all the necessary papers to the rights holder by e-mail.

Therefore, the question of whether it is worth spending time entering a current e-mail address into the USRRE can be answered in the affirmative. If you own several real estate items, you can protect yourself from the risks of not receiving information about them by providing an e-mail address.

Perhaps the creation of a mobile application of Rosreestr with a user-friendly interface would be an easier way to notify, but even in its absence, the state authority is trying to make the provision of services convenient.



  1. Fraud control

One of the main reasons is the ability to detect fraud real estate sales by unauthorized persons. At the moment, owing to the complexity of counterfeit of documents and a thorough check by Rosreestr employees of the powers to dispose of real estate, such situations rarely occur. Nevertheless, such actions are quite real, and the consequences can be unpleasant. To protect yourself from a negative development of events, indicate your e-mail address, and a notification of the receipt of a set of documents for registration of rights will be sent to the specified e-mail address. This will make it possible to promptly contact the employees of Rosreestr and inform that the transaction was not initiated by you.

  1. Convenient notification of significant moments

E-mail notifications allow to be aware of changes that have occurred to the real estate item and which you might never know about, for example, information about the inclusion of a land plot within the boundaries of a use-restricted zone. If your land plot is located in another region and you don’t visit there often, e-mail notifications will keep you informed with the latest news.

  1. Notification speed

Let us imagine the situation of applying to the MPSC, when the requested documents from Rosreestr are needed as soon as possible, however, the time for processing the application also includes the time for sending the request from the MPSC to Rosreestr and back. The problem can be solved by submitting documents electronically. Therefore, you can receive the necessary document from Rosreestr by e-mail not later than the next working day after the decision is made. Papers in this case will be provided in electronic form, however, according to Rosreestr, electronic documents are certified by an enhanced qualified electronic signature of an officer of the rights registration authority and are legally equated to paper equivalents.

  1. High level of data security

You do not have to worry about the security of data, since it is easier to protect them from unauthorized access in electronic format than in paper.

  1. Ease of use

Receiving notifications by e-mail is the easiest and at the same time convenient way to receive information. The interface of the mail service has long become familiar and clear.

Andrey Chernyak

Legal Assistant