Acsour is included in the ranking of the largest companies in the field of outsourcing accounting functions

Acsour is included in the ranking of the largest companies in the field of outsourcing accounting functions

LEGAL DIGEST, NEWS \ 19.06.2019

The RAEX rating agency (RAEXS Analytics) has prepared its annual ranking of the largest companies and groups in the field of outsourcing accounting functions, which traditionally summarizes the work efficiency of the industry’s leading representatives. Acsour has maintained its high position in the ranking year after year, showing steady growth in the total income from its professional activity.

A few days ago, RAEX issued its annual ranking of the largest organizations, the purpose of the ranking being to increase the transparency and awareness of companies operating in the segment of outsourcing accounting functions. Acsour has consistently been among the leading and most influential players in the outsourcing market since 2011, each time showing the best revenue figures from accounting and tax accounting services, payroll and human resources management, accounting and tax reporting, and legal services.

Thus, compared with the previous year, the overall growth rate of Acsour’s total income in 2018 doubled and amounted to 19.9%. It is worth noting that last year the company opened its representative office in Kazakhstan owing to the need to expand the business and to create a comfortable environment for foreign customers. The data from this region was not included in the ranking.

Today, the RAEX agency rating is one of the most large-scale and representative surveys of outsourcing companies operating in the Russian market. With its help, customers can obtain independent and objective confirmation of the experience and reputation of market players. Since the demand for services in outsourcing accounting functions is increasing from year to year, among other things because of the tightening of control in the field of tax and accounting, such rankings serve as a kind of a guide in advising business. With the help of rankings, you can find the right reference point and entrust the maintenance of your company’s accounting functions only to a reliable contractor, ensuring a competitive future for your business.

Information about the company

Acsour is one of the leaders in the market of business process outsourcing. The company provides the full range of accounting, legal and human resources management services both to Russian and international companies. Our clients are represented in all economic sectors – nowadays Acsour has more than 350 clients, including Fortune-500 companies. The company’s offices are located in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Veliky Novgorod and Almaty.