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The calendar of working days and days off for 2019

The calendar of working days and days off for 2019

LEGAL DIGEST, NEWS \ 19.10.2018

Next year will have 247 working days and 118 days off and holidays.

According to the approved holiday and factory calendar, there will be the following holiday periods:

  • from 1 until 8 January;
  • from 8 until 10 March;
  • from 1 until 5 May;
  • from 9 until 12 May;
  • 12 June; and
  • from 2 until 4 November.

Consequently, during the New Year holidays, Russians will rest for 10 days, from 30 December until 8 January inclusive, with Saturday, 29 December being a working day. Three rest days await us owing to International Women’s Day (from 8 until 10 March) and People’s Unity Day (from 2 until 4 November). There will be a single day off for Russia Day (12 June). In addition, Defender of the Fatherland Day coincides with the weekend of 23 and 24 February and there will be no additional holiday on a weekday. In May, however, Russians will have 9 days off in the first half of the month, albeit not consecutively (from 1 until 5 May, and then from 9 until 12 May).

Acsour recommends that you use the holiday and factory calendar when planning your company’s business for next year.