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New algorithm of interaction with employers: Rostrud information

New algorithm of interaction with employers: Rostrud information

LEGAL DIGEST, NEWS \ 27.10.2022

The Federal Labour and Employment Agency (Russian acronym – Rostrud) has developed a new algorithm for interaction with employers, allowing them to eliminate violations in the field of employment legislation without imposing fines.

The new algorithm of work assumes an analysis of the accuracy of the information received from the applicant-employee in the form of an appeal, before the start of the inspection by the State Labour Inspectorate (SLI). During the analysis, the SLI employees clarify and check all the necessary information from the employee.

If the fact of violation of employment legislation and employee’s rights is confirmed, a conversation with the employer is organized to obtain explanations and resolve issues on a voluntary basis. Within the framework of such interaction, the employer will be able to eliminate the identified violations without carrying out control activities and prevent their occurrence in the future.

The head of the Federal Labour and Employment Agency, Mikhail Yuryevich Ivankov, notes that such a process will solve the main task of the SLI – to protect the labour rights of employees and solve the problem with which he or she appealed to the inspectorate. For an employer, this is an opportunity to eliminate violations without the response of supervisory authorities.

However, if in the course of such work the violation cannot be eliminated, then the company is faced with an inspection using all the necessary tools that are at the disposal of the labour inspectorate.

Please be reminded that earlier, when an employee applied to the SLI, a corresponding check was carried out in the employer company. During the inspection, the information from the appeal was checked. When violations were detected, the employer had no opportunity to eliminate such a violation voluntarily and without penalty.

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