повышения взносов на пенсионное страхование

Key amendments to tax legislation

Key amendments to tax legislation

LEGAL DIGEST \ 19.08.2018

The summer now departing has featured an abundance of drafts and laws concerning taxation. Below we set out the most important ones:

  • the period of a VAT desk audit has been reduced from 3 months to 2 months, which will have a positive effect on the quantity of documents that are requested;
  • no increase to 26% of contributions for pension insurance is expected in 2021: the temporary tariff (22% within the maximum amount and 10% in excess of it) will become permanent;
  • tax on a company’s moveable property is being abolished;
  • the timeframe for companies to submit documents pertaining to a specific transaction during a desk tax audit has been extended to 10 days (the general timeframe now is 5 days);
  • the number of documents a company submits to confirm its eligibility for 0% VAT under export transactions is decreasing;
  • there will be fewer controlled transactions: internal Russian transactions will be recognized as controlled transactions if revenues from them exceed RUB 1 billion, while transactions with related foreign entities will be recognized as controlled transactions if annual revenues under such transactions exceed RUB 60 million.

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