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How business can overcome the crisis

How business can overcome the crisis

MULTIMEDIA, NEWS \ 10.08.2020

On August 7, Acsour together with IT Dominanta held an IT HR Meetup. Within the framework of such informal meetings, representatives of HR services in the IT industry of St. Petersburg come together to discuss current changes, exchange practices, and help colleagues to resolve professional issues. At the last meeting, the discussion focused on the impact of the pandemic on business.

Over the past few months, Russian entrepreneurs have faced various difficulties in conducting their activities owing to the occurrence of the COVID-19 pandemic. In order for companies to survive at a difficult time, it is necessary to constantly monitor changes and try to adapt to new business realities.

Two Acsour experts were included in the list of speakers of the event:

Valentina Alexandrova, Head of Audit & Strategic Projects Department, presented the topic “Emergency tools for business from the consequences of the pandemic”. As part of her report, she did a review of the measures of state support (including for SMEs) provided to companies for the period of adaptation to the current circumstances. In addition, the topic of “tax manoeuvre” was touched upon. According to Valentina, innovations associated with reducing the tax burden on companies will lead to an increase in salaries of employees in the IT industry next year. At the end of the speech, possible solutions for independent business support with a review of cases of successful managerial decisions were presented.

Alexey Kulikov, Head of the Business Development Department, spoke in detail about one of the most effective managerial decisions in the crisis – the transfer of separate business processes to outsourcing in his speech “What is outsourcing?”. The following topics were covered during the speech:

  • Accounting outsourcing market in Russia and worldwide
  • Which business processes may be outsourced without detriment to the company
  • Advantages of outsourcing
  • How to choose a reliable provider to outsource accounting functions
  • Trends in outsourcing

A case study on financial savings showed that when switching to outsourcing, the company reduces its annual expenses for payroll accounting for employee by more than 50%. During the pandemic, companies’ interest in outsourcing increased notedly. Presumably, after working in a remote format for a long time, companies no longer fear for services provided remotely. Now, owing to constant changes, providers are trying to apply a more nuanced approach to the client, taking into account their situation.

Dmitry Laabe, General Director of IT Dominanta, told about the impact of the epidemic on the IT industry in terms of personnel management (hiring, indexing of payment for labour, benefits and compensation). His report was based on comparative data for January and July 2020 received from industry representatives in St. Petersburg. According to the survey, at this stage, some companies are not in a hurry to increase their expenses in this sphere owing to the high uncertainty factor.

During the meeting, thanks to the presentations of speakers and discussions with participants, an up-to-date picture of what is happening in the market with various possible solutions for companies was formed.

The full version of the event recording is available below. Materials from the speakers’ presentations may be downloaded here.