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New information about State Labour Inspectorate checks

New information about State Labour Inspectorate checks

LEGAL DIGEST, NEWS \ 09.07.2020

Starting from June 12, 2020, the Federal Labour and Employment Agency cancels the need to publish the annual plan of State Labour Inspectorate checks on its official website.

It is known that the General Prosecutor Office and the Federal Labour and Employment Agency (Russian acronym – Rostrud) publish an annual inspection plan on their official websites, thanks to which organization may find out whether it is in this list or not. However, starting with the inspection plan for 2021, information on them will be published only on the website of the General Prosecutor Office.

In order to find out whether the company faces an inspection, it is necessary to specify the data of the company (taxpayer ID number, principal state registration number or name) in the search box of the unified register. If the organization is included in the inspection plan, the form displays the following information:

– What supervision body will carry out an inspection of the company

– Purpose and form of the inspection

– Month of start of the inspection

– Duration of the inspection.

Also, according to the amendments, during the State Labour Inspectorate checks, companies may be required to provide documents associated with the information about the employee’s employment history. This document is a confirmation of the transfer of the employee’s employment book to electronic form.

Please be reminded that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) included in the Unified register of SMEs are prohibited from conducting scheduled and unscheduled checks until December 31, 2020.

The exception is checks the grounds for which are:

  • causing harm or risk of harm to the life and health of citizens;
  • occurrence of natural and man-made emergency situations.

In the matters of preparation for scheduled inspections of controlling bodies, please contact Acsour’s specialists.

Document: the Order of Rostrud No. 103 dated April 22, 2020.