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Transition of Acsour’s Clients and Suppliers to EDF: practical experience

Transition of Acsour’s Clients and Suppliers to EDF: practical experience

LEGAL DIGEST, NEWS \ 12.10.2021

Today, the transition from paper to electronic document flow (EDF) is happening everywhere – more and more companies, as well as government agencies, are abandoning the manual mode of working with documents. The introduction of an electronic document flow system allows to regulate and make more transparent business processes for processing documents, increase the speed of working with them, monitor changes made, organize remote and shared access with a high level of security and protection of data.

However, companies do not always understand the advantages of the EDF system and why it is more convenient and more profitable to exchange electronic documents than paper ones.

Darya Moskvina, Acsour’s Chief Financial Officer, highlighted the main advantages of EDF with contractors:

  • reduction of time and funds for the organization and maintenance of archives;
  • reducing the cost of printing and sending documents;
  • possibility to monitor the entire “life-cycle” of documents (approvals, amendments, etc.);
  • reduction of time for routine operations with documents (searching, approvals, sending, etc.);
  • ensuring the confidentiality of information (access to certain documents is provided in accordance with the assigned user rights);
  • following the regulations for working with documents according to the established processes.

Acsour started a project to switch to electronic document flow in 2018. Since the process is bilateral and involves informing and connecting contractors and clients, it took place gradually. Today, more than 80% of the company’s suppliers and clients are connected to the EDF system. So far, only Russian legal entities are connected to the system, but there are plans to switch to electronic document exchange with foreign companies.

Acsour’s specialists are also working on a project to transition to HR document flow with their own employees.

In the matters of transition to electronic document flow, please contact Acsour’s experts.