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How to register non-working days on June 24 and July 1

How to register non-working days on June 24 and July 1

LEGAL DIGEST, NEWS \ 08.06.2020

This summer, Decrees of the President of the Russian Federation have defined two additional non-working days: on June 24 and July 1. The first has been declared non-working owing to the planned military parade to commemorate the 75th anniversary of victory in World War II, while on July 1, which is declared as a day-off, a referendum will be held on proposed amendments to the Russian Constitution. We tell you how to register and pay these days, and how to take them into account in the time sheet.

Registration of non-working days

June 24, 2020 and July 1, 2020 are non-working days by Presidential Decree; therefore, it is not necessary to reduce the working day on June 23 and June 30 by one hour. The working day is reduced by an hour only before public holidays (article 120 of the Labour Code).

To inform employees that June 24 and July 1 are paid non-working days, it is necessary to issue an order on the relevant non-working day and to familiarize employees with such order.

Engagement to perform work on non-working days

If the company plans to engage employees to perform work on a non-working day on June 24 and on a day-off on July 1, then this may only be done with their consent. To do this, a statement of the employee’s consent to work on a non-working day is necessary. Without the employee’s consent, it is possible to engage him or her to perform work on a non-working day only in emergency situations (the prevention or control of damage from , disasters or accidents, or of damage to property, the introduction of a state of emergency or martial law, etc.). At the same time, pregnant women and minors cannot be engaged to perform work on days off and holidays.  And disabled people and women with children under the age of three may be engaged to perform work on June 24 (or July 1), but only if such work is not prohibited owing to medical indications.

Please note that the Labour Code does not define the procedure for paying for work on days designated as non-working days by a Presidential Decree. The Ministry of Labour in its recommendations dated March 26, 2020, as well as in supplements to the recommendations dated March 27, 2020, proposed to pay for work on non-working days at the regular, and not at double, rate. Therefore, the decision on the type of payment for work on a day off on June 24, 2020 is made by the employer.

Payroll accounting

June 24 has been declared a non-working day with the retention of the salary, and July 1 is a day off.

In view of this:

  • the standard working time for July is reduced by 1 working day;
  • your company has to make a managerial decision to define standard working time in June 2020, used for payroll accounting.

In any case, employees who receive a salary and have worked full standard working time should not lose any salary.

Accounting for non-working days in the time sheet

If the employee worked on June 24, 2020, use the letter code “Я”. If the employee did not work on June 24, use the special code “НОД” denoting non-working paid days. For July 1, 2020, the letter code “В” is applied  or the letter code “PB” if the employee did work.

DateStatus of the dayPayment for work on this dayPut down in the time sheetExtends leaveReduces the previous working day by one hour
June 12Public holidayAt double rate«В»YesYes
June 24Non-working dayAt a single rate (according to the recommendations of the Ministry of Labour)“НОД” or otherwise at your discretionNoNo
July 1Non-working dayAt double rate«В»NoNo