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Personal Income Tax Return (form 3-NDFL)

Personal Income Tax Return  (form 3-NDFL)

NEWS \ 07.04.2020

Please be advised that an individual should submit the declaration to the Tax Authorities before July 30 (in the current year the deadline is extended by a decree of the Government).

As part of the 2020 declaration campaign, individuals must submit a Personal Income Tax Return (form 3-NDFL) for income received in 2019.

Submission of PIT Return (form 3-NDFL) is obligatory for all individuals, both citizens of the Russian Federation and foreign citizens, who have concluded contracts or received income originated from the sources of the Russian Federation in the following cases:

  1. Sale of property owned by an individual;
  2. Income received as a result of business activity without legal entity foundation;
  3. Income received from other individuals who are not tax agents, as a result of civil law contracts (including renting contracts) or as a result of property lease;
  4. Received gift or prize the price of which exceeds the established limit;
  5. Revenue from securities trading, investments or stock exchange transactions;
  6. Income from sources outside the Russian Federation.

A PIT must be paid before July 15.

An individual has a right to get tax deductions but for this purpose it is necessary to provide to the Tax Authorities a list of documents including PIT Return.

Acsour kindly informs you that for foreign citizens who have achieved the Russian tax residency in 2019 the submission of Personal Income Tax Return (3-NDFL) is necessary to have the recalculation and return of the tax that had been deducted earlier at a rate of 30%.