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Corporate Vaccination 2021: to be or not to be?

Corporate Vaccination 2021: to be or not to be?

NEWS \ 29.07.2021

Valentina Alexandrova, Acsour’s Deputy Chief Operating Officer, took part in the event “Corporate Vaccination 2021: to be or not to be?”, which was held on the basis of the RUSSOFT working group on labour resources.

Within the framework of the meeting, moderated by Maria Khanalieva, event-director of RUSSOFT, issues of vaccination of employees were discussed, speakers shared their practical experience of conducting a vaccination campaign among employees. Valentina Alexandrova delivered a presentation in which she spoke about the document flow associated with the vaccination of employees, as well as the legal aspects of the organization of vaccination in the company.   

At the end of the meeting, the speakers answered questions from the audience, in particular, about the procedure for vaccinating foreign employees, about methods of combating fake vaccination certificates, as well as how to encourage company employees to get vaccinated if employees are negatively predisposed.

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