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The minimum monthly wage has been approved for 2019

The minimum monthly wage has been approved for 2019

LEGAL DIGEST \ 19.12.2018

The Russian State Duma has adopted a draft law which provides for an increased minimum monthly wage starting from 1 January 2019.

The new federal minimum monthly wage will be RUB 11,280 starting from 2019. It should be equal to the minimum subsistence level of the working population in general across the Russian Federation for the second quarter of the previous year. If the figures for the minimum levels of subsistence are below the previous year’s, the minimum monthly wage will be preserved.

The federal minimum monthly wage is used to assess temporary incapacity allowances in the following cases:

  • if an employee has no salary in the calculation period, or his/her salary is below the minimum monthly wage;
  • if the employee’s length of service is less than six months;
  • if the employee did not follow a regime of treatment, and the physician made a note to this effect on his/her sick leave certificate;
  • if the employee was injured or fell ill owing to him/her being under the influence of alcohol.

The regional minimum monthly wage will be used in the remaining cases.

The minimum monthly wage is RUB 18,000 for St Petersburg and RUB 18,781 for Moscow.

Acsour is monitoring the changes of the amounts of the minimum monthly wage and will advise you of any need to adjust your HR management documents.