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The Ministry of Transport has returned multi-day waybills

The Ministry of Transport has returned multi-day waybills

LEGAL DIGEST \ 19.06.2019

The Ministry of Transport, in its Letter No. DZ-514-PG dated April 4, 2019, clarified that companies again have the opportunity to issue waybills for a period of up to one month without the risk of being fined.

Previously, it was necessary to issue a waybill strictly for one trip or one shift, if it encompasses several trips. However, at present, representatives of the Ministry of Transport note that a waybill can be issued for any period, regardless of the number of trips. The main thing is that during each journey, the following information should be recorded in the document:

  • the odometer reading when a car leaves the parking lot (parking space) which is intended for its parking when the vehicle’s driver returns from the trip and at the end of the shift (working day);
  •  the date and time when the car leaves and arrives to the parking lot.

It is possible to issue a waybill by putting all the above details in an already created waybill provided that the following mandatory details are retained in it:

  • the name and number of the waybill;
  • information about the validity of the document;
  •  information about the car owner;
  • information about the car;
  • information about the driver.

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