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The week from March 30 to April 3: what is important to know

The week from March 30 to April 3: what is important to know

LEGAL DIGEST, NEWS \ 26.03.2020

Yesterday, on 25 March , in the Russian President’s address to the public, Vladimir Putin announced that next week from 30 March to 5 April has been declared a non-working week (the Decree on the announcement of non-working days) in order to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. This entails several important changes for every company. We have prepared information in which we outline how an employer should properly interpret and implement the President’s instructions.

Who is not covered by the Decree

Next week, the following companies continue to operate as normal:

The work of banks

The head of VTB has confirmed that banks will be continuing to work next week, as they ensure the life-sustaining activity of the state. At the time of writing, the Central Bank has not offered any official clarifications. Nonetheless, all the banks with which Acsour works have confirmed that online banking and payments will be carried out under the usual procedure. Acsour will be carrying out payroll accounting services as normal.

Payroll accounting

In accordance with the decree, next week should be a non-working week with salary preserved. In other words, the standard working hours in March and April should be reduced, while employees who receive a salary and have worked full standard labour hours in March and April will not lose any salary.

If the company can’t stop working

In accordance with the comments of the Ministry of Labor, a non-working day does not apply to weekends or holidays, therefore, payment is made as usual, but not increased amount. If the employee is on vacation, then non-working days from March 30 to April 3, 2020 are included in the number of vacation days and vacation for these days is not extended.

Timing of the payment of salary

According to article 136 of the Labour Code of the Russian Federation, if the payment date coincides with a weekend day or a non-working public holiday, the payment of salary is made on the last business day preceding the payment date.

If the company has a salary payment scheduled for the week from March 30 to April 3, it is recommended to be paid not later than March 27.

Submission of reporting documents and payment of taxes

Since there has been no official postponement of the deadlines with regard to reporting documents and the payment of tax, we recommend that you adhere to the standard timetable for submission and payment for the whole of next week.

The exception is companies from those industries for which tax holidays have already been approved (tourism, aviation, physical training and sports, art, culture, and cinema).

We understand that in the current situation, it is difficult for most companies to quickly navigate and respond to changes. Acsour is ready to help you in this difficult situation and take upon the issue of compliance with employment and tax legislation. We will continue to promptly prepare such explanatory materials, and our specialists will always support you and answer any questions.

Of course, this is an unprecedented challenge for any business. We are sure that we will pass it together.

The Acsour Team.