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Moratorium on scheduled inspections in 2023

Moratorium on scheduled inspections in 2023

LEGAL DIGEST, NEWS \ 13.10.2022

The Government of the Russian Federation has issued a Resolution that extends the prohibition on scheduled inspections of companies in 2023.

According to the text of the Resolution, companies with low, moderate, medium and significant risk categories are exempt from scheduled inspections until December 31, 2023. The moratorium is not applied to companies:

  • with the category of extremely high and high risk;
  • with hazardous production facilities of hazard class II;
  • with hydraulic structures of class II.

The company can also be checked if it has been brought to administrative liability for three years or has not eliminated violations in accordance with the instruction issued to it by the supervisory authority.

They can also come with an inspection if it relates to permanent state control (inspection of industrial safety, power grid facilities, high-pressure equipment), or belongs to the category of tax inspections.

Not later than 2 months before the start date of the scheduled inspection, the company has the right to apply to the supervisory authority with a request to conduct a preventive visit. The purpose of this procedure is the wish of the company to check its activities for compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. However, it is recommended to do this if it is sure that there are no serious mistakes in doing business. Otherwise, according to the results of the visit, a check may be assigned.

In order to find out if a company is faced with a scheduled inspection, it is necessary to use a special section on the website of the General Prosecutor Office of the Russian Federation and specify its data (taxpayer ID number, principal state registration number or name) in the search box of the unified register. If the organization is included in the inspection plan, the form displays the following information:

  • what supervisory body will carry out an inspection of the company;
  • purpose and form of the inspection;
  • duration of the inspection;
  • term for conducting the inspection.

If the search through the service did not give results, then your company is not in the plan of inspections.

Also, information about inspections for the next year can be found on the websites of supervisory authorities.

In the matters of preparation for scheduled inspections of controlling bodies, please contact Acsour specialists.