Registration in the Mercury system for companies that purchase milk

Registration in the Mercury system for companies that purchase milk

LEGAL DIGEST \ 20.11.2019

According to the latest amendments, if a company that consumes milk plans to acquire it for its own needs, it should register in the automated system called Mercury.

Starting from 1 November 2019, companies engaged in the production, transportation and/or sale of dairy products should formalize veterinary accompanying documents (VAD) with respect to the following types of dairy products within the Mercury system:

  • drinking milk;
  • cultured dairy products;
  • ice-cream.

This will help the local bodies of the Federal Service for Veterinaryand Phytosanitary Surveillance (abbreviated in Russian as “Rosselkhoznadzor”) to monitor the movement of dairy products in order to increase biological and food safety. Companies will be able to cancel electronic VADs in this system. In view of the above, companies that purchase drinking milk must also be registered within Mercury (without the obligation to formalize VAD) in order to cancel waybills within 24 hours after the product is received from the supplier. Otherwise, these companies can be blocked within the system and dairy distributors will deny subsequent supply.

To register with the system, please contact Rosselkhoznadzor’s local bodies: no state duty needs to be paid, and nor is a digital signature required.Specialists from Acsour’s legal department have explored this issue in great detail and are happy to help you with registration in the Mercury system.