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New form of notification of arrival of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation

New form of notification of arrival of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation

LEGAL DIGEST, NEWS \ 26.04.2021

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation has approved a new form of notification of the arrival of foreign citizens at the place of stay.

Starting from February 23, 2021, it is necessary to notify of the arrival of foreigners in the Russian Federation in a new form – from Appendix 4 to the Order No.856 of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia dated December 10, 2020. The content of the document remains the same with the exception of some provisions:

  • expanding the document to four pages instead of two;
  • placement of the detachable section of the form, which is returned to the applicant after making the mark on the receipt of the notification, on the second page;
  • possibility to indicate the actual location of a foreign citizen in case of his / her residence in premises that does not have an official address (for example, in a workers’ locker room or in a construction trailer);
  • detailing of information about the type of premises in the section “Information about the place of stay”. This can be residential or office premises, etc.

Taking into account these changes, the following information should be specified in the Notification form:

  • full name and passport details of a foreign citizen;
  • purpose of arrival;
  • information about the host party;
  • citizenship, date of birth and gender of the foreigner;
  • address of stay;
  • periods of stay in the Russian Federation.

Also, it is necessary to attach to the Notification the following copies:

  • of a passport of a foreigner with a border crossing mark;
  • of arrival-departure record;
  • of a document confirming the right to use residential or other premises provided to a foreign citizen for actual residence.

If the foreign person is a citizen of a member state of the Eurasian Economic Community, then copies of the following should be attached to the above documents:

  • of labour or civil law contract;
  • of documents confirming the relationship with a foreign employee, if his or her family came.

The document is filled in by the host party or the foreigner himself / herself (in some cases). If the host party is an organization, then it:

  • has to provide the foreigner with a residential or other premisses for residence;
  • or has to be an employer for a foreign employee who actually resides at the address of this organization or in its premises.

It is necessary to fill in the document clearly by hand using a blue or black pen, or using technical means in Russian. Corrections are not allowed in the document.

The deadline for submitting the notification together with the documents to the bodies of Ministry of Internal Affairs is 7 working days from the date of arrival of the foreign employee. Some countries have different deadlines.

For late submission to the bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the notification and the documents attached to it, administrative liability is provided for under article 18.9 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation:

  • for officers – a fine of 40,000 – 50,000 rubles;
  • for legal entities – a fine of 400,000 – 500,000 rubles.

In the matters of application of migration legislation and drawing up of a Notification, please contact specialists of Acsour Legal Department.