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The possibility of exchanging human resources documents through the State services portal

The possibility of exchanging human resources documents through the State services portal

LEGAL DIGEST, NEWS \ 21.07.2022

The Government of the Russian Federation has issued a Resolution according to which employers will be able to exchange human resources documents with employees using the State services portal.

Starting from September 1, 2022, employers who have decided to conduct electronic document flow in the field of labour relationships in the organization can place human resources documents on the unified State services portal for their exchange with employees. The list of documents and categories of employees involved in electronic document flow is determined by the employer independently.

In the personal account on the portal, the employee will be able to draw up, sign with an electronic signature and send to the employer human resources documents according to the list approved by the company. The documents are signed using the functionality available in the personal account of an employee or a potential candidate on the State services portal.

If an employee submits an application for the provision of documents through the portal, it will not be necessary to duplicate the documents on paper.

The placement of electronic documents by the employer on the portal is carried out by transferring such documents from its information system to the personal account on the State services portal using the technology of the application program interface, followed by automatic transfer of such documents to the personal account of the employee or potential candidate.

Please be reminded that amendments to the Labour Code of the Russian Federation associated with the introduction of article 22.1 “Electronic document flow in the field of labour relationships” have entered into force starting from 2021. This article contains the legal basis for the electronic registration of most human resources documents (these include a labour contract, an apprenticeship contract, a financial liability contract, and others).

At the same time, the provisions of article 22.1 are not applied to documents that have to be executed strictly in paper form:

  • employment books and generated employment history;
  • certificate of an industrial accident;
  • dismissal order;
  • documents confirming the employee’s passing of labour protection briefings.

In the matters of the registration of human resources documents and their exchange with employees using the State services portal, please contact Acsour experts.