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Results of Acsour’s business activity in 2020

Results of Acsour’s business activity in 2020

LEGAL DIGEST, NEWS \ 26.01.2021

The year 2020 was one of the most unusual: a pandemic, a total global lockdown, new rules, norms and conditions. The whole world learned to live and work in changed conditions, and continues to do it to this day. We also had to face challenges and difficulties, but owing to the professional qualifications and well-coordinated team work, as well as the trust of our clients, we can say that the year ended successfully:

  • The company has increased its revenue by 23% compared with 2019.
  • According to the data of annual survey, 86% of our clients are satisfied with the level of services provided, and expressed their willingness to recommend Acsour as a reliable service provider.
  • Acsour has passed recertification for compliance with ISO/ IEC 27001:2013, and has proven its reliability in the field of information security, the Company has confirmed the status of accredited employer for ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants), which affirms the high level of professional qualifications and knowledge of employees in the field of accounting, audit and finance, and compliance of their expertise to international standards.
  • The project “Remote work 1.0” has been successfully implemented to organize safe and convenient remote access of the company’s employees to the resources necessary for their daily work.
  • The IT-service has processed 4,000 tickets.
  • A simplified electronic document flow system has been introduced for the company’s employees.
  • Despite all the restrictions and changes, our employees still actively participated in conferences and other business events as speakers and listeners, as well as wrote expert articles and comments for industry sources. For example, the “Raschet” magazine published 15 materials, the authors of which were employees of Acsour, we also published 5 articles on the popular resource Habr, wrote for the “Financial Director”, prepared comments for “Business Petersburg” and “RBC”. In general, we were on the go.
  • Our employees, in cooperation with the Anichkov Palace, took part in the implementation of the project on teaching law to pupils, as well as Acsour became a member of the jury of the International Student Olympiad “Economics and Management”, which is annually held by the St. Petersburg State University of Economics.

The market, like the world, is on the go – new companies appear, technologies develop, and the needs and requirements of consumers change. Acsour continues to focus on providing quality services and building long-term and trusted partnerships. Thanks to our clients and partners for collaborative work, without you we would not have achieved these results. Thank you for being with us!