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Insulting a colleague will be punished

Insulting a colleague will be punished

LEGAL DIGEST \ 19.09.2018

Business etiquette prescribes being polite not only with clients and business partners, but also within the company. Sometimes, employees cannot contain their negativity and say rude things to their colleagues. Let’s see what this may lead to.

The Moscow court came down on the side of an employer who sanctioned its employee for being rude at work. The company’s internal labour regulations have established an obligation for employees to be tactful with the team when they perform their job duties. Consequently, the court held that insulting a colleague was a violation of labour discipline for which the employee was lawfully given a reprimand.

The fact that on the day when violation took place the employee left on sick leave did not influence the court’s decision, because the employee insulted the colleague in the morning but departed on leave owing to temporary incapacity in the evening.

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