электронные визы

Electronic visas to St Petersburg and Leningrad Region

Electronic visas to St Petersburg and Leningrad Region

LEGAL DIGEST \ 19.08.2019

Starting from 1 October 2019, free e-visas will be in effect for foreign nationals in St Petersburg and Leningrad Region.

According to the Russian President’s decree, foreign nationals will be able to enter and depart through checkpoints in St Petersburg and Leningrad Region based on standard single-entry business or tourist visas in the format of electronic documents.

Further to an application of a foreign national, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs will issue e-visas. The application must be filled in on the Ministry’s official website no later than 4 calendar days before the date of expected entry into the Russian Federation.

The validity period of the visa will be 30 calendar days. The period of the stay in the country will not exceed 8 days. No consular fee will be charged for such visas.

At present, the Russian Government has been approving the exact list of foreign states whose nationals will be able to use an e-visa. However, given the geographical proximity of St Petersburg to Europe, it may be assumed that the list will be rather similar to the Kaliningrad list of states where e-visas have already started to be used since July of this year.

Please contact Acsour’s specialists concerning any issues of how foreign nationals can enter the Russian Federation.