Obtaining a free electronic digital signature

Obtaining a free electronic digital signature

LEGAL DIGEST, NEWS \ 25.06.2021

Starting from July 1, 2021, the Federal Tax Service launches a procedure for free registration of a qualified electronic signature for legal entities.

According to the official explanations on the website of the Federal Tax Service (FTS) persons who have the right to act on behalf of the organization without presenting a power of attorney can obtain a free qualified electronic signature (QES), namely:

  • head of the organization;
  • individual entrepreneur;
  • notary.

In order to obtain a signature, it is necessary to:

  1. Pre-register with the territorial certification authority of the Federal Tax Service (FTS CA);
  2. Prepare a key information media certified by the Federal Service for Technical and Export Control or the Federal Security Service of Russia.

A qualified certificate with an electronic signature verification key is recorded on the specified media. It is possible to purchase such media from distributors of manufacturers or in specialized online stores. In particular, it is allowed to use USB Type-A media: Rutoken EDS 2.0, JaCarta GOST, ESMART Token and others.

  • Submit an application for the issuance of QES, passport and personal insurance policy number (Russian acronym – SNILS) of the head of the organization.

It is possible to send an application in two ways: in person or using the personal account of the taxpayer – individual (if such a person acts on behalf of the organization without a power of attorney).

  • Go through the personal identification process. It is planned that this can be done using identity verification documents.

To prepare an application for the issuance of a qualified certificate, as well as to purchase key media, it is possible to contact the electronic document flow operator. The certificates received are legitimate. Their validity period is 15 months.

If the legal entity has a valid electronic digital signature (EDS), it can be used until December 31, 2021 inclusively. If the EDS expires before July 1, then it is recommended to pass the procedure of obtaining signature in the nearest future.

The new rules are related to the introduction of a number of amendments to the Law No. 63-FZ “On electronic signature”. According to such amendments, starting from January 1, 2022, the validity period of QES previously issued by commercial certification authority will cease to apply. The certification authorities themselves will continue their work, but will have to pass accreditation under the new rules. In order to ensure a seamless transition from a paid to a gratuitous service for the issuance of QES, the FTS CA will begin their registration in early July, and from January 2022 it will be assigned the function of issuing the corresponding QES.

Acsour carefully monitors legislative changes on this issue. If there is any additional news, we will definitely inform you about it.