Checking the candidate during the hiring process
Кадровый аудит и восстановление учета

Checking the candidate during the hiring process

To minimize reputational and economic risks, Acsour recommends that candidates to be checked during the hiring process. The thoroughness of the check depends on the position for which the person applies, the level of responsibility and access to the company’s resources. After the performing a check, the client will be provided an opinion and report on a pre-approved form.

Checking the candidate during the hiring process is a check of facts of the candidate’s work history and the documents provided by him or her for a position in the company. This check helps to make a more informed decision, especially if the position involves material and technical responsibility, participation in procurement, or the development of information resources.

Types of checks of applicants during the hiring process

  1. Check for enforcement proceedings.
  2. Check of the validity of passport.
  3. Check of the registration address.
  4. Check of the authenticity of an academic degree.
  5. Check of recommendations from previous places of work.