HR record management
HR record management

HR record management

Acsour offers the full range of services involving outsourced HR record management. HR record management in Russia is tied in with the need to navigate numerous regulations. Employment legislation changes frequently, as do the interpretation of the law, and case law.

HR audit and reconstruction of accounts

Although the improper formalization of HR documents entails large fines, companies often about HR documentation right before an audit by the State Labour Inspectorate. Acsour will help you to avoid losses and put your HR records in order by conducting an HRA audit…



Any breach of employment legislation or errors in HR records trigger significant risks for employers. By outsourcing HR record management, you receive a guarantee that all staff appointments and procedures, internal by-laws and documents are formalized in accordance with employment and tax legislation. In this way, the likelihood of fines or labour disputes is kept to a minimum…


What does the HR record management service include?

Acsour will choose the optimal solution for any organization and will advise on matters of employment legislation. Our specialists are ready to assume duties in relation to drawing up HR documentation, including documentation concerning:

  • the recruitment of employees;
  • documenting vacations;
  • documenting sick leave;
  • documenting a personnel reshuffle;
  • documenting employees’ business trips;
  • compiling a staffing table;
  • documenting work overtime;
  • documenting financial aid;
  • developing template HR documentation: samples of applications and orders, consents to the processing of personal data, etc.;
  • documenting disciplinary sanctions;
  • drafting documents relating to layoffs;
  • documenting the dismissal or resignation of employees.

Our advantages

  1. Confidentiality
  2. Acsour guarantees the security of confidential information and documents pertaining to your business. In our operations, we follow strict standards of information security:

    • regular training events are held for employees;
    • access to information is strictly regulated;
    • our clients’ data is kept in secure data centres;
    • information is transmitted vie protected communication channels.
  3. Efficiency
  4. We always strive to make HR processes and document management not only correct from a legal viewpoint, but also user-friendly for you and your employees. Effective HR record management reduces the burden on your in-house personnel and you have more time for more important issues.

  5. Mitigation of risks
  6. At all stages of cooperation, we take all necessary measures to insure you against potential risks:

    • we assess the consequences of HR decisions in non-standard or complicated situations;
    • we monitor changes in employment legislation and propose in good time to make changes to your HR records;
    • we guarantee an uninterrupted service;
    • we reduce the human factor.
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