The outsourcing company Acsour offers the full range of bookkeeping, HR record management, payroll accounting, legal support and recruitment and secondment services. Our company boasts specialists with hands-on experience in branches of bookkeeping and of the law, which guarantees the unconditional quality of the result.

The option of having business support with the opportunity tap into the expertise and skills of a team of highly qualified specialists with many years of experience will let you free up your resources to develop the company and obtain appropriate support in any situation.


Quality bookkeeping is a guarantee of efficient and uninterrupted operations for a company. When bookkeeping services are outsourced, this enables the company to focus on its core functions, reduce its dependency on personnel and mitigate financial risks…


HR record management

Acsour offers the full range of services involving outsourced HR record management. HR record management in Russia is tied in with the need to navigate numerous regulations. Employment legislation changes frequently, as do the interpretation of the law, and case law…


Payroll accounting

The assessment and accrual of salaries is one of the most labour-intensive processes. The main difficulty lies with personification: a salary is assessed for every employee individually, taking into account all specific aspects of the company’s operations. It is not sufficient to know the nuances of recording salaries in the books and records. Today, you need to be well-versed in tax and in employment legislation…


Legal services

Acsour is an international consulting firm that offers a full range of legal services. We offer our clients a high-quality and professional product where innovative legal approaches are applied around the globe…


Recruitment and assessment of personnel

If you are looking for talented and capable financial managers, accountants, HR record managers, lawyers or administrators, Acsour’s recruitment specialists will be happy to assist you with selecting professionals for both rank-and-file and senior positions…



By placing your accounting functions in Acsour’s hands, your company reduces its financial risks and avoids or minimizes the fines it could face after state authorities audit them. If you’re still unsure and hesitant to take the plunge into outsourcing – but your in-house experts don’t quite have the qualifications you need in certain matters. In that case, come to us for advice and let us guide you through…

  1. A personalized approach
  2. A personal manager will be assigned to interact with your company and will assist with resolving any current issues. We adjust our services based on the specific aspects of your business and your requirements. To reduce tax and operational risks for your company we take into account all legal nuances and all tax saving opportunities, and draw on our experience of resolving similar situations.

  3. Guarantees
  4. Our insurance programme guarantees to Acsour’s clients financial responsibility on our part and protection against risks if any errors arise in the course of business activity. Our professional liability is insured with AlfaStrakhovanie Group, with cover for losses amounting to RUB 120 million.

  5. We are experts
  6. When you face complicated issues relating to developing your business, Acsour’s specialists offer expert solutions to tackle any tasks in the following fields: risk management, financial planning, process optimization, and the selection of reliable third-party service providers. We continually monitor any changes in legislation which can affect your business and we help to ensure compliance with such legislation.