The tax implications of formal document flow

PUBLICATIONS \ 19.01.2021

For many years, the tax authorities have been countering companies that evade the payment of taxes. Schemes to reduce the tax burden are becoming more refined and progressive. One of the most common methods in tax practice to intentionally reduce the deductions claimed by a company is to maintain formal document flow. What is meant […]

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The most common errors in the SZV-TD report

PUBLICATIONS \ 29.12.2020

In 2020, HR specialists have a new report, which, without exaggeration, has assumed a major role and appears in their work almost on a daily basis. This refers to the form of the “Employment history of a registered person” (abbreviated in Russian as SZV-TD), which the employer sends to the Pension Fund of the Russian […]

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

NEWS \ 24.12.2020

Dear clients and partners, we sincerely wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Let’s admit, the outgoing year was one of the most unusual years. New challenges, difficulties, rules and norms. Each of us has learned to live and work in the changed conditions. 2020 also reminded that it is a lot easier to […]

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Locked in abroad: how to formalize relationships with employees who cannot return to Russia

PUBLICATIONS \ 18.12.2020

Along with the spread of the coronavirus infection, the trend towards remote work is growing throughout the world. Moreover, even now, six months after international traffic was stopped in Russia, some of our citizens remain trapped behind closed borders abroad, and it is almost impossible for foreign employees to enter Russia. What to do if […]

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Acsour has been recertified for compliance with ISO 27001

NEWS \ 15.12.2020

Business of many companies, including Acsour, is directly related to the processing and storage of large amount of personal data. Companies need to have a functioning information security management system integrated into existing business processes. These rules should also be applied when implementing new systems. Changes in legislation in the field of personal data protection […]

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New rules for remote work: the law is signed

LEGAL DIGEST \ 14.12.2020

Starting from January 1, 2021, amendments to the Labour Code of the Russian Federation will come into force, specifying new rules for remote work between an employee and an employer. According to the amendments, the Labour Code will contain the following provisions regulating the process of remote work. New types of remote work Starting from […]

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Acsour has confirmed the status of ACCA Approved Employer

NEWS \ 11.12.2020

Acsour has confirmed its status as an ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) Approved Employer. This status confirms the high level of professionalism and knowledge of employees in the field of accounting, audit and finance, as well as the compliance of their expertise with international standards. ACCA is a global professional community in the field […]

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The public holiday calendar for 2021 has been approved

LEGAL DIGEST \ 10.12.2020

The Government of the Russian Federation has approved the occupational calendar for 2021. According to the approved calendar, the following holiday periods are set for the next year: From January 1st to January 10th; From February 21st to February 23rd; From March 6th to March 8th; From May 1st to May 3rd; From May 8th […]

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