The property tax relief was not extended at the federal level

LEGAL DIGEST, NEWS \ 03.12.2017

Whether or not to pay the tax on movable estates (property), registered on January 1, 2013 as fixed assets, from 2018 will be decided by the regions.

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The list of reasons for banks to refuse performing currency transactions has been increased

LEGAL DIGEST, NEWS \ 02.12.2017

The currency transaction cannot be performed if the provisions of the Law on Currency Control, concerning the following…

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Roskomnadzor has issued recommendations on how documents should be drafted regulating the processing of personal data

LEGAL DIGEST \ 17.08.2017

Roskomnadzor has given recommendations on how a company should draw up its internal regulations that determine its policy, as an operator, on the processing of personal data.

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Criminal liability is being introduced for non-payment of insurance contributions

LEGAL DIGEST \ 13.08.2017

A taxpayer’s liability for failure to pay insurance contributions has become more stringent since 10 August 2017. Where there are large arrears, CEOs of companies will face criminal liability.

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Members of international groups of companies will be obliged to submit additional information to tax authorities

LEGAL DIGEST \ 11.08.2017

A draft law provides that companies should submit information regarding their membership of an international group, as well as country-specific information and other financial data.

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A tax agent is permitted not to withhold a profit tax if a foreign counterparty submits a certificate of residency after income is paid

LEGAL DIGEST \ 10.08.2017

The Russian Supreme Court has advised that, when income is paid to a foreign legal entity, it is permitted not to withhold tax even if the document is not available at the date of payment confirming the foreign counterparty’s permanent residency abroad, i.e. a certificate of residency.

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