Working with personal data: what is important for companies to know


Please be reminded that starting from March 1, 2023, there are a number of new requirements in the legislation on personal data. Now, if such data is changed or destroyed, companies will have to draw up documents according to the new rules. It will also be necessary to notify the supervisory authorities about the transfer […]

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STP: new settlement procedure from 2023


Starting from January 1, 2023, organizations will switch to a new procedure for calculating taxes, insurance premiums and other mandatory payments in the form of a unified tax payment. These changes will affect any company regardless of the applicable taxation system. We have prepared a material in which we told how companies correctly follow the […]

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Registration for military service: obligations of employers


The President of the Russian Federation signed a Decree according to which, starting from September 21, 2022, Russian citizens are subject to conscription for military service as part of partial mobilization. We have prepared a material in which we told how the employer can correctly maintain records concerning the military service in connection with the […]

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Director’s liability insurance

PUBLICATIONS \ 28.04.2022

Directors & officers liability insurance is a service that is gaining popularity in the Russian market. Andrey Chernyak, Acsour’s Legal Assistant, told what this type of insurance is and what risks the conclusion of such a contract can create for the company. Today, insurance companies offer businesses a variety of options for protecting the liability […]

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Liquidation under a simplified procedure

PUBLICATIONS \ 21.04.2022

In the middle of winter, it became known about the collaborative work of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade and the Federal Tax Service on simplifying the procedure for the liquidation of legal entities. Timur Kerimov, Acsour’s lawyer, at the request of the “Raschet” magazine compared the current procedure for closing a business with […]

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Will it be possible to recover lost profits from the inspectors?

PUBLICATIONS \ 03.03.2022

The inspectors blocked the company’s bank account. As a result, the enterprise was unable to place funds on deposit and, accordingly, receive additional profit. Is it real to recover these funds from tax inspectors? The answer to the question was given by Lyubov Kuznetsova, Acsour’s Senior Lawyer. In August 2021, the cassation instance received a […]

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Prompt notification

PUBLICATIONS \ 28.02.2022

Not so long ago, Federal Service of State Registration, Land Register and Mapping (Russian acronym “Rosreestr”) added the possibility to enter the e-mail address of the real estate owner in the Unified State Register of Real Estate (USRRE). It is to this address that all important messages associated with property will be sent. Andrey Chernyak, […]

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Cash out practice

PUBLICATIONS \ 22.02.2022

The problem of illegal cashing out of money is still relevant in Russia. Both small and large enterprises do not leave attempts to reduce the tax burden, therefore every year there are more and more new ways of “cashing out”. Timur Kerimov, Acsour’s Lawyer, warned business persons against making controversial financial transactions and described to “Raschet” magazine how inspectors identify them.

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