Non-industrial injury

PUBLICATIONS \ 11.01.2022

An industrial injury is a phenomenon that every employer can face; alas, no employee can be insured against such an event. But in all cases, will the injuries received be recognized as industrial ones? The answer is no, far from it. Ekaterina Lutenko, Acsour’s Internal Auditor, has spoken about exceptional cases to “Raschet” magazine. An […]

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EDS-2022. Instructions for use

PUBLICATIONS \ 15.11.2021

The Ministry for Digital Development, Communications and the Mass Media (known by the Russian acronym Mintsyfry) has outlined the procedure for applying an electronic signature after January 1, 2022. The magazine “Raschet” studied the explanations of the government department in order to answer questions about which signatures will be used by business, which electronic digital […]

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Document as per form

PUBLICATIONS \ 10.11.2021

Digital business tools are developing more and more rapidly. And now the tax service in some cases requires enterprises to submit documents only in digital format. Anna Astafieva, Acsour’s Senior Accountant, explained to “Raschet magazine” which papers should be in electronic format and what to do if such a format has not yet been approved. […]

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A warning or a reprimand?

PUBLICATIONS \ 21.09.2021

Employers may have difficulties with the procedure for applying a warning and a reprimand. The fact is that neither the substance of these nor the cases in which they are applied are determined by the Labour Code in any way. Acsour’s Internal Auditor, Ekaterina Lutenko  explained the difference between these corrective actions. WARNING A warning […]

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Disciplinary punishment: the edges of the possible

PUBLICATIONS \ 20.09.2021

Both employees and employers know that the latter can apply measures of disciplinary punishment to the former. But how many such measures are there and how do they differ from each other? Acsour’s Internal Auditor, Ekaterina Lutenko, spoke to “Raschet” magazine about the types of punishments. Compliance with labour discipline is the key to effective […]

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Mandatory placement

PUBLICATIONS \ 16.09.2021

Federal Law No. 219-FZ dated June 28, 2021 obliged employers to post vacancies on the “Employment in Russia” website. The requirement will be in effect starting from 2022. Anna Astafieva, Acsour’s Senior Accountant, spoke to “Racshet” magazine about who is subject to the statutory requirement. The state services sector is increasingly adapting to the digital […]

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Limited access

PUBLICATIONS \ 02.08.2021

“Forewarned is forearmed!” says the well-known proverb. Knowing the reasons for the inspectorate to block an account can help prevent such a situation from occurring. Anna Astafieva, Acsour’s Senior Accountant, spoke about the grounds for blocking an account and the terms on which the company will regain the right to dispose of its funds for […]

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Payroll in Russia

PUBLICATIONS \ 28.06.2021

TYPES OF A PAYROLL SYSTEM There are several payroll systems that can be applied within the scope of a single company or be combined. The most common systems are: time-based; and piece-rate. The choice of the payroll system depends on the company’s line of business. A time-based payroll system Employees are paid for the time […]

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