Accounting for non-refund

PUBLICATIONS \ 09.07.2020

The cancellation of business trips and suspension of activity of the majority of enterprises as a result of restrictive measures resulted in a huge amount of repayments and losses for businesses associated with it. Victoria Skvortsova, Head of Acsour’s Accounting Department, considered in detail all the nuances of accounting for such transactions.

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Fundamentals of legal support for foreign business

PUBLICATIONS \ 03.07.2020

Compliance with national legislation is always one of the key issues that foreign company’s chief executives set when scaling up their business in new jurisdictions.

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Registration of an expatriate for a job

PUBLICATIONS \ 29.06.2020

The practice of recruitment of HQS is most common in branches of international companies or in organizations that need to find and adopt specific foreign experience. Accordingly, more and more Russian companies are replenishing their staff with foreign employees.

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New rules for calculating advance payments

PUBLICATIONS \ 23.06.2020

The Tax Code has been amended with regard to the calculation and payment of advance payments for profits tax. Ekaterina Lutenko, Acsour’s internal auditor, has explained what has changed in the legislation and what method of calculation to choose.

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The fine for SZV-M: how to minimize it?


It is known that accounting and tax reporting are not the only types of documentation that organizations are obliged to compile and submit to public authorities. Companies should also submit statistical and personnel reporting, the composition of which depends on the type of activities performed and other characteristics of the organization

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COVID-2019 Safe Operation Standard


Organizations that have resumed their activities since May 12, 2020 or are continuing their work, including in remote mode, are obliged to draw up a safe operation standard in order to counteract the spread of the coronavirus infection.

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Tools of business support

PUBLICATIONS \ 02.06.2020

The Government and various government departments develop and start to implement support programs for companies in the conditions of pandemic.

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How can a company with foreign capital become a small or medium-sized business entity?


Since the amendments to Federal Law No. 209-FZ “On the development of small and medium-sized businesses” entered into force, Russian companies with a share of foreign capital exceeding 49% have been able to acquire the status of SMEs and to take advantage of the corresponding benefits.

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