NEWS \ 09.09.2020

A new tool called astreinte has recently appeared in Russian compliance practices. The term derives from the French “l’astreinte” and Latin “adstringere” and means “enforcement”. Who can force business partners? What for? And by what methods? Darya Moskvina, Acsour’s Chief Financial Officer, told the “Raschet” magazine about this tool.

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Tax services


Tax legislation is an area that is subject to constant changes and requires in-depth knowledge. Here, a support of professionals, who will help companies to avoid difficulties with supervisory authorities, fines and other unpleasant consequences of incorrect maintenance tax accounting, is especially crucial.

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New requirements for conduction of a special evaluation study of labour

LEGAL DIGEST, NEWS \ 01.09.2020

Starting from September 1, 2020, the procedure for special evaluation study of labour conditions should be carried out using a new methodology.

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Notification of Membership of a Multinational Enterprise Group for 2019

LEGAL DIGEST, NEWS \ 20.08.2020

Please be reminded that Russian companies that belong to a multinational enterprise (MNE) group must submit notifications to the tax authority of their membership of the MNE group.

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A new procedure for employees’ severance payments

LEGAL DIGEST, NEWS \ 19.08.2020

Since 13 August 2020, amendments to the Russian Labour Code have come into effect. These prohibit companies from liquidating their business until they pay compensation to an employee for the second and third months after dismissal.

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An employee falls sick with the coronavirus: the actions of the employer

LEGAL DIGEST, NEWS \ 14.08.2020

The new reality poses even more demanding challenges to employers, such as introducing a safe operation standard and ensuring compliance with sanitary standards in order to counteract coronavirus.

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Which is more advantageous: an in-house chief accountant or outsourcing?

LEGAL DIGEST, NEWS \ 12.08.2020

Maintenance of accounting records is traditionally considered one of the most responsible and challenging functions of the company, since the cost of errors in this field is too high – from financial losses to criminal cases. The chief accountant is the right-hand man in the company who is responsible for the financial success of the enterprise.

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How business can overcome the crisis

MULTIMEDIA, NEWS \ 10.08.2020

On August 7, Acsour together with IT Dominanta held an IT HR Meetup. Within the framework of such informal meetings, representatives of HR services in the IT industry of St. Petersburg come together to discuss current changes, exchange practices, and help colleagues to resolve professional issues. At the last meeting, the discussion focused on the impact of the pandemic on business.

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