The fine for SZV-M: how to minimize it?


It is known that accounting and tax reporting are not the only types of documentation that organizations are obliged to compile and submit to public authorities. Companies should also submit statistical and personnel reporting, the composition of which depends on the type of activities performed and other characteristics of the organization

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How to register non-working days on June 24 and July 1

LEGAL DIGEST, NEWS \ 08.06.2020

This summer, Decrees of the President of the Russian Federation have defined two additional non-working days on June 24 and July 1. The first one is declared non-working owing to the military parade, and on July 1, a voting will be held on amendments to the Constitution.

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The period of “presidential” non-working days is not taken into account in the calculation of average earnings

LEGAL DIGEST, NEWS \ 04.06.2020

The government department specified that when calculating average earnings, it was not necessary to take into account the time and amounts that are actually accrued from the end of March to the beginning of May.

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Procedure for exemption from rent

LEGAL DIGEST, NEWS \ 03.06.2020

The Government of Saint Petersburg approved the procedure for exemption from rent for the second quarter of 2020 for representatives of small and medium-sized businesses whose activities were affected by the spread of coronavirus infection.

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Provision of legal and notarial services is allowed in Saint Petersburg

LEGAL DIGEST, NEWS \ 01.06.2020

In accordance with the Decree of the Government of Saint Petersburg, starting from June 1, the provision of legal and notarial services is allowed by previous appointment.

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Exemption from taxes and contributions for the second quarter

LEGAL DIGEST, NEWS \ 28.05.2020

The State Duma of the Russian Federation has approved an administration bill that will exempt companies from paying taxes (except for VAT) and insurance premiums for the second quarter of 2020.

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The threshold for switching to quarterly advance payments is raised

LEGAL DIGEST, NEWS \ 26.05.2020

For the tax period of 2020, temporary rules were established, including the possibility to switch to quarterly payment of advance payments based on actual profit.

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New service about business supporting measures

LEGAL DIGEST, NEWS \ 25.05.2020

The Federal Tax Service has launched a new service “What assistance may my business receive?”, where a company may find out about all the supporting measures that it may obtain in the current current situation with the epidemic associated with COVID-19.

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