Key takeaways of Vladimir Putin&’s address to the country

LEGAL DIGEST, NEWS \ 25.06.2020

On Tuesday, June 23, Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered an address, in which he summed up the main results of the fight against coronavirus infection in the country in the past three months, and also highlighted new supporting measures.

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Liability for underpayment of salary

LEGAL DIGEST, NEWS \ 22.06.2020

A situation in which an employee has not received salary payments in full is possible in any company. The reasons for underpayments may vary: from calculation errors to the human factor. We will explain in detail how to safeguard your company against such cases, and what to do if the fact of an underpayment has been established.

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Special offer for AmCham members

NEWS \ 18.06.2020

Acsour is happy to be part of the AmCham ecosystem, therefore we are ready to provide AmCham members with special terms for legal services, as one of the most relevant areas

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Business trips across Russia: restrictions owing to COVID-19

NEWS \ 17.06.2020

When sending employees on business trips, the employer should take into account the restrictive measures determined by the heads of the territorial entities of the Russian Federation.

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7 amendments in migration legislation

NEWS \ 16.06.2020

8 июня был подписан Закон, вносящий поправки в миграционное законодательство РФ. В соответствии с документом был расширен список граждан, имеющих право выступать в качестве принимающей стороны, добавлен новый способ уведомлений о прибытии и убытии иностранцев, и внесены другие важные изменения.

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The fine for SZV-M: how to minimize it?


It is known that accounting and tax reporting are not the only types of documentation that organizations are obliged to compile and submit to public authorities. Companies should also submit statistical and personnel reporting, the composition of which depends on the type of activities performed and other characteristics of the organization

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How to register non-working days on June 24 and July 1

LEGAL DIGEST, NEWS \ 08.06.2020

This summer, Decrees of the President of the Russian Federation have defined two additional non-working days on June 24 and July 1. The first one is declared non-working owing to the military parade, and on July 1, a voting will be held on amendments to the Constitution.

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The period of “presidential” non-working days is not taken into account in the calculation of average earnings

LEGAL DIGEST, NEWS \ 04.06.2020

The government department specified that when calculating average earnings, it was not necessary to take into account the time and amounts that are actually accrued from the end of March to the beginning of May.

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