Our memorable year in 2019

Our memorable year in 2019

Our memorable year in 2019

LEGAL DIGEST, NEWS \ 20.01.2020

2019 was a landmark year for Acsour owing to great changes, with our team having worked tirelessly to: enhance the efficiency of our business processes; expand the range of services we provide; bolster our information security; and offer other opportunities to our clients. We are pleased to note the robust growth of our company and in the number of our clients. Your trust in us is our best reward.

The market forges ahead: new companies and innovative technologies are emerging, our competitors are changing and needs are evolving. In the past year, Acsour has accomplished a number of projects focusing on strengthening our brand:

  • the Company has increased its revenues by 15%;
  • Acsour has again figured at the top of the list of major providers of accounting functions in Russia, according to the RA Expert ranking.
  • Our client portfolio has grown by 11%. Another thing we pride ourselves on is the level of our clients’ satisfaction with our performance, which remains at over 90% year on year.
  • Our experts have submitted over 6,500 reports to tax authorities.
  • We have reworked our market offer. Our comprehensive solutions that are developed based on specific aspects of a client’s business have been popular for many years now and they often give us a competitive advantage. This year, we have developed new services and package offers. In addition to our portfolio of services, we have strengthened our legal department which has enabled us to cover a greater number of practice areas.
  • Alongside the growing number of our clients, Acsour’s team has also been growing. The rate of growth of our employee headcount was 5% as at the end of 2019.
  • Re-branding is a large-scale project of our Marketing Department which, without exaggerating, directly covers communication with all target audiences of the brand. Our new corporate brand, as well as our website, marketing and promotional materials, and much more have been implemented in our marketing campaign for 2020.
  • We have made great efforts within the company to implement MarHR. By using modern HR approaches and marketing tools, we have communicated our desires to our employees. As a result, our employees’ commitment and loyalty to the brand have increased.
  • We have confirmed our compliance with the standard ISO 27001:2013 which guarantees the highest possible level of information security to our clients. The international firm AFNOR was our auditor within the scope of this project.
  • The company has doubled its professional indemnity insurance as compared with last year. The indemnity coverage is now 120 million roubles.
  • Doing business not only means the supply of services to a client, but also deeper interaction to cover, among many other things, communications with the state and social responsibility. Almost all big companies are famous not only for their product, but also for socially useful integrations. Our company is no exception.
  • Last year is best remembered for us for the large number of projects in support of educational initiatives. We held over 30 events where we tried to share the expertise and knowledge we have accumulated.

To attain such results was possible owing to the seamless and meticulous efforts of our employees and the confidence of our clients. We are heading in the right direction by making our clients’ business better.

In 2020, Acsour will celebrate its 10th anniversary. First, we would like to thank those of our clients who have been with us over these 10 years. We will continue to operate with a focus on high quality services and on establishing long-term partnership relationships. This is the very foundation of our success.

Thank you for being with us!