Registration for military service: obligations of employers


The President of the Russian Federation signed a Decree according to which, starting from September 21, 2022, Russian citizens are subject to conscription for military service as part of partial mobilization. We have prepared a material in which we told how the employer can correctly maintain records concerning the military service in connection with the […]

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New procedure for cross-border transfer of personal data

LEGAL DIGEST, NEWS \ 16.09.2022

On September 1, 2022, a Law came into force that made more severe the procedure for cross-border processing of personal data and their transfer abroad. The amendments made to the law provide for: a new procedure for cross-border processing and transfer of personal data (PD) abroad; a limitation of the list of cases that allow […]

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Changing the rules for withholding income tax when paying salaries and making advance payments

LEGAL DIGEST, NEWS \ 13.09.2022

The President of the Russian Federation signed a Law changing the procedure for withholding income tax from the payment of salaries to employees.   Starting from January 1st, 2023, the employer is obliged to withhold income tax not only when paying an employee a salary for a month, but also from the amount of the advance […]

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Insurance premium limit: changes in 2023

LEGAL DIGEST, NEWS \ 08.09.2022

From January 1st, 2023, a single limit base for calculating insurance premiums for pension and social insurance will be in effect. Its amount will be determined by the Government of the Russian Federation. The amendments are associated with the approval of Federal Law No. 239-FZ dated July 14, 2022, which introduced significant changes in the […]

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The public holiday calendar for 2023 has been approved

LEGAL DIGEST, NEWS \ 06.09.2022

The Government of the Russian Federation has approved the occupational calendar for 2023. According to the approved calendar, the following holiday periods are set for the next year: From January 1st to January 8th; From February 23rd to February 26th; March 8th; May 1st; From May 6th to May 9th; From June 10th to June […]

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New taxation rules for remote employees

LEGAL DIGEST, NEWS \ 23.08.2022

The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation has developed a bill amending the Tax Code in terms of the procedure for calculating personal income tax on the income of remote employees. If the bill is approved by the State Duma and signed by the President of the Russian Federation, then the following taxation rules […]

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New conditions for obtaining benefits by IT companies

LEGAL DIGEST, NEWS \ 17.08.2022

The President of the Russian Federation has signed the Law, which changes the conditions for obtaining tax benefits by companies operating in the field of information technology. From January 1st, 2021, amendments to the Tax Code of the Russian Federation came into force. These include a change in the terms of VAT taxation, the provision […]

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Control of cash transactions by Federal Service of Financial Monitoring

LEGAL DIGEST, NEWS \ 15.08.2022

The President of the Russian Federation has signed a law establishing new rules for monitoring banking operations carried out by companies. According to the law, transactions with cash or other property are subject to mandatory control if the amount is: at least 1 000 000 RUB in respect of monetary transactions (previously 600 000 RUB). at […]

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