Inspection schedule of supervisory bodies

Inspection schedule of supervisory bodies

Inspection schedule of supervisory bodies

LEGAL DIGEST \ 13.12.2019

The General Prosecutor’s Office and the Federal Labour and Employment Agency (known by the Russian abbreviation “Rostrud”) have posted on their websites inspection plans for 2020. An organization may be placed on the list if three years have passed from the date of its establishment or from the date of the last scheduled inspection of it. Be sure to check whether or not your company has been listed.

In order to find out whether a company faces an inspection, it is necessary to specify the company’s (its taxpayer ID number, principal state registration number or name) in the search box of the unified register. If the organization is included in the inspection schedule, the form displays the following information:

Register of inspections on the website of the General Prosecutor’s Office Register of inspections on the website of Rostrud
What supervisory body will carry out an inspection of the company;The purpose and form of the inspection;The month in which the inspection is to start;The duration of the inspection. The purpose and form of the inspection;The month in which the inspection is to start;The duration of the inspection;The class of risk of the company.

We remind you that for small businesses included in the Unified Register of Small and Medium-Sized Business Entities, a prohibition has been established on the conduct of scheduled inspections from January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2020. Any violation of the established moratorium means that the results of an inspection are invalid. However, the prohibition is not applicable if:

  • a risk-based approach is used to assign inspections (for example, inspections of the State Labour Inspectorate);
  • the organization is engaged in certain types of activities (for example, educational or medical);
  • the organization has been held liable for gross violations of the law in the last three years.

According to the report on its work performed for the first half of 2019, the State Labour Inspectorate in St.‍ Petersburg has inspected more than 470,000 economic entities. The biggest number of violations has been detected in the field of the protection of employees’ labour, education and training in relation to the protection of labour and to the observance of terms of employment agreements. Therefore, as a result of inspections, the State Labour Inspectorate imposed fines in a total amount of 97 million rubles, with 88.5 million rubles of that figure accounting for the amount of fines imposed on legal entities.In matters of preparation for scheduled inspections of controlling bodies, please contact Acsour’s specialists.

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