LEGAL DIGEST \ 13.12.2019

It has been a long time since the charity has become an integral part of our company’s life. When we exercise social responsibility, in the first instance, we remind ourselves that we are people, not just a well-tuned working mechanism. People, who know how and want to do good.

Last year we started our cooperation with the Charity Fund “Happy Long” – a place where senior citizens are rendered comprehensive assistance. The purpose of the Fund is to enhance the quality of life of people, worthy of profound respect and appreciation.

Recently, the Fund announced the beginning of the collection of New Year’s presents for patients of Maximilian hospital. It is the only hospital in St. Petersburg, which provides care for the senior citizens, that in most cases were abandoned by their relatives. The necessary list includes the simplest things: from cotton handkerchiefs to soft toys.

Acsour decided to carry on the tradition, which was started earlier, and to take part in this action to give attention and warmth to grandparents. In addition to the fact that a material contribution to the collection of presents will be made on behalf of the company, our employees buy New Year’s presents on their own. Together we try to make the world a little kinder and believe that everyone’s participation is important.