St Petersburg: changes in workplace quotas for disabled persons

LEGAL DIGEST \ 14.04.2018

Starting from March 2018, several amendments have come into force with regard to workplace quotas for disabled persons in St Petersburg.

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A new online service of the Federal Tax Service: to obtain an excerpt concerning a foreign branch or a foreign representative office

LEGAL DIGEST \ 11.04.2018

It is now possible to visit the official website of the Russian Federal Tax Service to check accreditation.

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The deadline is fast approaching for filing a notification of controlled transactions for 2017

LEGAL DIGEST \ 08.04.2018

20 May 2018 is the last day for filing with tax authorities a notification of controlled transactions for 2017.

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The question is now off the table of how an employment contract differs from an independent contractor agreement

LEGAL DIGEST \ 22.03.2018

The Russian Supreme Court has issued a reminder of the main differences between an employment contract and an independent contractor agreement (“ICA”).

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The so-called ‘transaction passport’ has been abolished for those involved in foreign trade

LEGAL DIGEST \ 20.03.2018

Starting from 1 March 2018, authorized banks will not require Russian exporter companies to formalize a so-called “transaction passport” and foreign transaction report forms.

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The procedure for switching tax inspectorate has been simplified

LEGAL DIGEST \ 17.03.2018

Amendments have been made to the regulations on dealings with a taxpayer and, as a result, starting from 13 February 2018 no reconciliation of accounts is required for the switch to a new tax inspectorate when a company changes its registered address.

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The fight against discrimination: a male employee cannot be denied a supplement to childcare leave allowance

LEGAL DIGEST \ 16.03.2018

In its ruling dated 4 February 2017 in case No. 33-45444/2017, the Moscow City Court held that the establishment of a supplement to childcare leave allowance solely for female employees constitutes discrimination.

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An employee may be obliged by an employment contract to notify a change in his/her personal data

LEGAL DIGEST \ 15.03.2018

The Federal Service for Employment and Labour Relations (abbreviated in Russian to ‘Rostrud’) has stated that an employment contract may stipulate that an employee has an obligation to notify the employer of the change in his/her personal data.

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