Антисделка. Какой контракт будет переквалифицирован?

PUBLICATIONS \ 20.10.2020

Известно, что налоговые органы внимательно изучают заключенные и исполненные бизнесом договоры во время проверок. Зачем ревизоры это делают? Чтобы в случае выявленных несоответствий договора переквалицифировать соглашение и доначислить налоги.

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Tax services


Tax legislation is an area that is subject to constant changes and requires in-depth knowledge. Here, a support of professionals, who will help companies to avoid difficulties with supervisory authorities, fines and other unpleasant consequences of incorrect maintenance tax accounting, is especially crucial.

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SZV-M for foreign employees

PUBLICATIONS \ 21.08.2020

The SZV-M form, or information about insured parties – is a personnel report that all employers who have hired employees in their staff are obliged to submit. However, the question of whether to include information about foreign employees in the SZV-M and in what procedure to fill it out in case of disputes remains open. Today we will tell you about the special characteristics of forming a report when hiring foreign employees.

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Outsourcing of management accounts

PUBLICATIONS \ 19.08.2020

Управленческая отчетность является составной частью бухгалтерской отчетности и содержит информацию об имуществе и капитале, доходах и расходах компании, а также о результатах ее работы. Разница между этими двумя формами заключается в степени предназначения: в управленческом учете она шире и строится на определенных принципах.

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Restoration of personnel records

PUBLICATIONS \ 13.08.2020

Maintenance of personnel document management should be carried out by all companies that strive to build their business competently, knowingly avoiding problems and material consequences resulting from them. There is a common case when the settlement of this issue is shelved a motion by management, and the process is noticeably “sagging”: accounting is conducted without compliance with rules and standards, or HR record management is handled by employees who do not have special knowledge and skills.

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PUBLICATIONS \ 07.08.2020

When drawing up and concluding a contract, it is important to make the most of the tools provided by legislation to protect the interests of the company. One of these tools is to record representations that may subsequently turn out to be false. Marina Potsabei, Acsour’s lawyer, told us how to include representations of circumstances in the contract especially for the “Raschet” magazine

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Registration of foreign citizens to job. Special characteristics of calculating personal income tax and insurance premiums from payments towards foreign employees.


Currently, more and more companies are offering a job to foreign specialists. This raises questions about the registration of relations with these employees, as well as the procedure for paying personal income tax and insurance premiums.

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Liquidation of LLC in 2020: step-by-step instructions

PUBLICATIONS \ 23.07.2020

The coronavirus pandemic has put Russian business in a predicament: companies have been suffering losses for several months. If the company is finally “mired” in debts, the founders may decide to liquidate. In this article, we will explain how to execute the liquidation of a LLC.

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