Registration of foreign citizens to job. Special characteristics of calculating personal income tax and insurance premiums from payments towards foreign employees.


Currently, more and more companies are offering a job to foreign specialists. This raises questions about the registration of relations with these employees, as well as the procedure for paying personal income tax and insurance premiums.

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Liquidation of LLC in 2020: step-by-step instructions

PUBLICATIONS \ 23.07.2020

The coronavirus pandemic has put Russian business in a predicament: companies have been suffering losses for several months. If the company is finally “mired” in debts, the founders may decide to liquidate. In this article, we will explain how to execute the liquidation of a LLC.

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Accounting audit: what is it and what is it necessary for

PUBLICATIONS \ 20.07.2020

Organizations that carry out their activities are obliged to maintain accounting records and to draw up accounting reports. This requirement is enshrined at the statutory level and applies in respect of all economic entities, with the exception of business subdivisions of foreign companies and individual entrepreneurs.

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Working distance

PUBLICATIONS \ 18.07.2020

Restrictive measures are gradually being cancelled, and people are returning to their usual way of life. However, with a considerable number of “but”. Tatiana Zvenigorodskaya, Acsour’s Senior Lawyer told us how life will be arranged after the pandemic and what mandatory conditions enterprises have to meet to resume work.

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What you need to know about accounting outsourcing services

PUBLICATIONS \ 15.07.2020

Outsourcing accounting functions is a serious step that includes very important stages, from analyzing the state of your own accounting to comparing the offers of accounting outsourcing providers.

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Accounting for non-refund

PUBLICATIONS \ 09.07.2020

The cancellation of business trips and suspension of activity of the majority of enterprises as a result of restrictive measures resulted in a huge amount of repayments and losses for businesses associated with it. Victoria Skvortsova, Head of Acsour’s Accounting Department, considered in detail all the nuances of accounting for such transactions.

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Fundamentals of legal support for foreign business

PUBLICATIONS \ 03.07.2020

Compliance with national legislation is always one of the key issues that foreign company’s chief executives set when scaling up their business in new jurisdictions.

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Registration of an expatriate for a job

PUBLICATIONS \ 29.06.2020

The practice of recruitment of HQS is most common in branches of international companies or in organizations that need to find and adopt specific foreign experience. Accordingly, more and more Russian companies are replenishing their staff with foreign employees.

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