New taxation rules for remote employees

LEGAL DIGEST, NEWS \ 23.08.2022

The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation has developed a bill amending the Tax Code in terms of the procedure for calculating personal income tax on the income of remote employees. If the bill is approved by the State Duma and signed by the President of the Russian Federation, then the following taxation rules […]

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New conditions for obtaining benefits by IT companies

LEGAL DIGEST, NEWS \ 17.08.2022

The President of the Russian Federation has signed the Law, which changes the conditions for obtaining tax benefits by companies operating in the field of information technology. From January 1st, 2021, amendments to the Tax Code of the Russian Federation came into force. These include a change in the terms of VAT taxation, the provision […]

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Control of cash transactions by Federal Service of Financial Monitoring

LEGAL DIGEST, NEWS \ 15.08.2022

The President of the Russian Federation has signed a law establishing new rules for monitoring banking operations carried out by companies. According to the law, transactions with cash or other property are subject to mandatory control if the amount is: at least 1 000 000 RUB in respect of monetary transactions (previously 600 000 RUB). at […]

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Establishing the frequency of the inspection plan for 2023

LEGAL DIGEST, NEWS \ 11.08.2022

The Federal Service of Labor and Employment has published a list of companies subject to scheduled inspections in 2023. The frequency of such inspections depends on the risk group in which the company has fallen. You can check whether the company is included in the list of employers whose activities are classified as a particular […]

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New report in connection with the merge of Pension Fund of Russia and Social Insurance Fund

LEGAL DIGEST, NEWS \ 08.08.2022

The President of the Russian Federation has signed a law approving a mandatory report for employers. The document is related to the merger of the Pension Fund and the Social Insurance Fund into the Unified Social Fund of Russian Federation. According to the law, the new report will include personalized accounting information from the following […]

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The possibility of exchanging human resources documents through the State services portal

LEGAL DIGEST, NEWS \ 21.07.2022

The Government of the Russian Federation has issued a Resolution according to which employers will be able to exchange human resources documents with employees using the State services portal. Starting from September 1, 2022, employers who have decided to conduct electronic document flow in the field of labour relationships in the organization can place human […]

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Payment of the “Google tax” by Russian companies

LEGAL DIGEST, NEWS \ 18.07.2022

The President of the Russian Federation has signed a Law that establishes the obligation for Russian companies to perform the function of a tax agent and pay tax on electronic services for a foreign supplier. Starting from October 1, 2022, Russian organizations registered with tax authorities and purchasing services in the Russian Federation in electronic […]

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Reduction of fines for currency violations

LEGAL DIGEST, NEWS \ 14.07.2022

The President of the Russian Federation has signed a law that reduces the amount of administrative fines for violating the requirements of foreign currency legislation. Starting from July 24, 2022, a new edition of article 15.25 of the Code of Administrative Offenses has been in effect, which establishes reduced fines in the field of foreign […]

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