The offset of expenses on IPG at the expense of insurance premiums

LEGAL DIGEST, NEWS \ 03.08.2020

The Ministry of Labour has updated the list of preventive measures, the expenses on which the employer will be entitled to reimburse at the expense of insurance premiums for traumatism. According to the data from Ministry of Labour, the amount of compensation will be 20% of the amount of insurance premiums for traumatism that were accrued for 2019.

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New rules for recovery of fines from organizations by the Pension Fund of Russia

LEGAL DIGEST, NEWS \ 31.07.2020

The Russian president Vladimir Putin signed a Law defining new rules for judicial recoveries for violations in reporting that should be submitted to the Pension Fund authorities.

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Tax manoeuvre for IT companies

LEGAL DIGEST, NEWS \ 30.07.2020

According to the new Law, starting from January 1, 2021, separate taxation rules will be established for Russian IT companies, namely: reduction of income tax rates, introduction of reduced insurance premium rates and application of zero VAT when realizing computer programs and databases. Today we will speak in more detail about each of the measures.

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Checks to be made: Federal Labour and Employment Service (Russian acronym “Rostrud”) published a list of high-risk companies

LEGAL DIGEST, NEWS \ 29.07.2020

Rostrud published a list of employers whose activities are classified as significant and high risk. The timetable of conducting scheduled checks for 2021 will be formed on its basis.

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Registration of foreign citizens to job. Special characteristics of calculating personal income tax and insurance premiums from payments towards foreign employees.


Currently, more and more companies are offering a job to foreign specialists. This raises questions about the registration of relations with these employees, as well as the procedure for paying personal income tax and insurance premiums.

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Transitional tax regime for SMEs

LEGAL DIGEST, NEWS \ 23.07.2020

The State Duma in the third reading passed a bill on the transitional tax regime for small and medium-sized business entities that have lost the right to apply the simplified taxation system (referred to below as STS).

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Liquidation of LLC in 2020: step-by-step instructions

PUBLICATIONS \ 23.07.2020

The coronavirus pandemic has put Russian business in a predicament: companies have been suffering losses for several months. If the company is finally “mired” in debts, the founders may decide to liquidate. In this article, we will explain how to execute the liquidation of a LLC.

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Accounting audit: what is it and what is it necessary for

PUBLICATIONS \ 20.07.2020

Organizations that carry out their activities are obliged to maintain accounting records and to draw up accounting reports. This requirement is enshrined at the statutory level and applies in respect of all economic entities, with the exception of business subdivisions of foreign companies and individual entrepreneurs.

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