Standardization and quality control
Standardization and quality control

Standardization and quality control

ISO/IEC 27001 is an international standard containing requirements for information security based on the global best practices for creating, developing and maintaining an information security management system in a company.

Given that Acsour’s business relates directly to the processing of personal data, it is not enough to have IT solutions alone. It is important for the company to have a genuinely functioning system for managing information security integrated with the company’s business processes and to consistently apply information security rules when new processes and information systems are developed. All these tasks have been addressed within the framework of the certification of the information security management system under the international standard ISO 27001:2013. Moreover, the company has been able to implement corporate risk assessment and risk management, together with the subsequent monitoring of the efficiency of the measures aimed at preserving the safety of information.

Certification to standard ISO 270001 helps us to:

  • determine goals in the area of information security;
  • formulate approaches to assessing and managing the risks within a company;
  • build up processes within the information security management system;
  • provide updated and accurate information to partners and other interested parties regarding the information security policy of the company.

With internal business processes being set up in accordance with ISO 27001, Acsour has been able to enhance the sustainability of information systems, offer a shield against actual threats to information security, ensure the confidentiality of information and expand the company’s capacities and benefits for our clients.

Roman Nikishov Lead Auditor
Independent consultant & Trainer Afnor RUS
Roman Nikishov