About the company
About the company

About the company

Acsour is one of the leaders on the market of the outsourcing of business processes. The company supplies the full range of bookkeeping, legal and HR management services to a number of Russian and international companies. Our clients are represented in all branches of the economy. Acsour today has over 350 clients, including Fortune-500 listed companies. We have offices in Moscow, St Petersburg, Veliky Novgorod and Almaty.
Our work is underpinned by high standards of efficiency and business ethics. Our goal is to become a reliable adviser to our clients on all issues connected with providing support for legal, financial and HR processes.
We are happy to work with you and for you!

Our advantages


Scalability We supply our services to companies with a headcount ranging from a single employee to several thousand people and with any number of branches.

Quality assurance

Quality assurance The KPI system and detailed service level agreement (SLA) which Acsour uses is a guarantee that our clients are provided with services at the highest level.

Mitigation of risks

Mitigation of risks Our carefully drawn up regulations guarantee the predictability and transparency of any processes and mitigate the effect of the human factor. Our company’s professional activity is insured by AlfaStrakhovanie Group to guarantee cover for losses of up to RUB 120 million.

Processing feedback

Processing feedback In our work, we take note of your wishes and comments by arranging for regular reports and meetings about the quality of our services, keeping appropriate records.


Expertise You will be granted access to Acsour’s knowledge library, in which answers to standard questions are stored in Russian and English.

Integration into your business process

Integration into your business process Acsour operates any corporate software, including, among others, SAP, Navision, Oracle, Scala, and 1C modifications.

One-stop shop principle

One-stop shop principle: you address any questions you have to your personal manager.

A broad portfolio of services

A broad portfolio of services Acsour offers integrated outsourced servicing, including bookkeeping, HR management and legal services, recruitment and outstaffing.

You will have a 24/7/365 access to your data and documents.

ISO/IEC 27001 is an international standard containing requirements for information security based on the global best practices for creating, developing and maintaining an information security management system in a company. This standard specifies the methods of efficient interaction between all the company’s employees and the extent to which management is involved in information security management processes.Read more

Acsour has gained Approved Employer status from the ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants). This status evidences our employees’ high level of training and the fact that their expertise corresponds to international standards. That we have ACCA Approved Employer status confirms that Acsour is a responsible employer that invests in advancing the professional skills of its personnel and, as a result, is concerned about maintaining the high level of its services.Read more

11th place in the ranking of the largest companies and groups in accounting outsourcing based on the results of 2019.Read more

In the TOP 10 companies participating in the RAEX ranking in terms of revenue received from the provision of payroll accounting services for 2019, Acsour achieved the 8th place, in the same list for personnel records and HR record management – the 5th place, and in the list for accounting and tax accounting – the 13th place. Read more

One of the core values of our company are the employees, that is why we care for creating a safe and comfortable environment in the workplace. Labour conditions in Acsour meet the requirements of the legislation, which is confirmed by the report on the special evaluation of labour conditions. Read more