Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce
The Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce promotes business in Russia and Finland.
Business association.
It is the largest international business association in Russia’s North-Western Region, bringing together major foreign investors from the USA, Europe, Asia and Russia that are doing business in St Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast.
Business association.
The St. Petersburg International Business Association (SPIBA) is a non-profit, independent organization which unites foreign and Russian companies that share SPIBA’s views and principles.
Business association.
Kak Delat HR-Club
Kak Delat HR-Club is a platform bringing together professionals in managing and developing human resources in leading Russian companies.
Business association.
Taxcom specializes in the development, implementation and support of electronic document management systems in Russia.
IT solutions.
RAEX (RAEXS Analytics)
RAEX (RAEXS Analytics) is the largest Russian rating agency, with 20 years of experience. RAEX (RAEXS Analytics) is a market leader in ratings and survey-communication activity.
Rating agency.
JC CB Citibank began its operations in Russia in 1992, when it was one of the first international banks to enter the Russian market. Today Citi is one of the largest banks in the country by capital and assets. In 2016, Forbes magazine named Citibank ‘The Most Reliable Bank in Russia’ for the third time.
Vedomosti is the oldest Russian-language business news provider, specializing in analysis and forecasts in the economic, political, financial and corporate spheres.