About us

We are transforming the market for professional services, leading by example in showing unwavering commitment to a client’s business strategy


Outsourcing services from the market leader


We supply our services to companies with a headcount ranging from a single employee to several thousand people and with any number of branches.


The Acsour information security management system complies with the requirements of the ISO 27001 standard, which guarantees a high level of confidentiality of the client data.


A KPI system and a detailed service level agreement (SLA) are the guarantee of the quality of our services.


In our work, we take note of your wishes and comments by arranging for regular reports and meetings about the quality of our services, keeping appropriate records.


Our carefully elaborated regulations guarantee the predictability and transparency of any processes and mitigate the effect of the human factor.


You will be granted access to Acsour’s knowledge library, in which answers to standard questions are stored in Russian and English.


We ensure integration with any corporate software used by our clients, including among others SAP, Navision, Oracle, Scala, and 1С versions.


One-stop shop principle: you address any questions you have to your personal manager.


You will have a 24/7/365 access to your data and documents.


Acsour releases you from the need to maintain and develop non-core functions and business units.

Over more than 10 years, Acsour has achieved perfection in the business processes that are connected with accounting functions and has developed efficient sector-based solutions.

Our team

At Acsour, we have experts in 30 areas: accountants, managers, auditors, lawyers, tax experts, methodologists, HR experts, and computer experts, who have many years of professional experience.


of Acsour’s employees speak English. Another third of our employees also speak German, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish or another foreign language.


of Acsour’s employees have professional certificates and international accreditations, including, among others, ACCA, CPA, CIMA, DipIFR, professional accountancy certificates, HR specialist certificates, audit diplomas, and international economic law certificates.


of Acsour’s employees have professional experience in other countries, such as Germany, the USA, China, Switzerland, Ireland, Sweden, Italy, the UK, Norway, Austria, Turkey, Estonia, Finland, Japan, South Korea, Belgium and Kazakhstan.


hours is the company’s investment in the vocational training and professional development of its employees every year.

Acsour’s advantages

Our employees are proactive:

Every employee is responsible for an overall result, is continually striving to improve the quality of our services by demonstrating full commitment to our clients’ business strategy, and comes up with the best solution for any task.

We maintain insurance against professional risks:

Acsour has its professional liability insured with an international insurance company. Compliance with ISO 27001 (Information Security Management System) ensures the integrated security of information, and security in the storage, processing and transfer of data.

We prepare any forms of management accounts in English:

Acsour prepares management accounts in accordance with the internal requirements and practices your company adheres to. At Acsour, we have experts for whom knowledge of English is a must and who directly interact with financial controllers from our clients’ foreign offices. Our specialists answer the questions of such persons regarding the nuances and specific aspects of accounting in Russia.

We ensure the integration of software:

Acsour ensures integration between any IT and ERP-systems that our clients use in their Russian offices and headquarters.

Acsour news

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A lot of discussions in the business community were caused by the Letter of the Federal Tax Service published in July 2018 "On prevention of violations of Tax legislation". It contained indications whereby the reports submitted by companies can be declared invalid by the controllers. Valentina Alexandrova, internal auditor at Acsour, e...

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The Federal Labour and Employment Service (abbreviated in Russian as ‘Rostrud’) has advised that an employer may independently set the length of a working day. ...

Starting from 1 January 2019, regulatory and supervisory authorities will be able to check small- and medium-sized businesses since the 3-year period prohibiting scheduled inspections of such companies has ended. ...

The July amendments to Federal Law 54-FZ “On using cash register equipment” have raised many questions from the business community. The Federal Tax Service has issued clarifications on the most frequently asked questions....